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 Tours in Mongolia : 5 days Camel Trek in The Near Gobi Explore Khan Khentii, Mongolia

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Explore the wonders of Mongolia ! Widest variety of destinations and tours , online reservation for packages tours for a dream holiday in Mongolia ! Come book your tours in Mongolia with us and share the delights of this amazing Mongolia !

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GOBI DESERT. Gobi is often imagined as a lifeless desert. In reality, most part of the Gobi Desert is a land of steppes and it is the home for camel breeders rich with wildlife and vege...

5 days Camel Trek in The Near Gobi
4 days South Gobi - Gurvansaikhan National Park
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ULAANBATAAR. is situated in central east Mongolia. The city spreads from east to west along a large wide valley. The main road through this valley is Enkh Taivny Orgon Choloo or Peace A...

4 days Naadam Games in Ulaan Bataar
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5 days Camel Trek in The Near Gobi
4 days Naadam Games in Arburd Sands
5 days Ger Camp in the Khan Khentii

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5 days Camel Trek in The N... 990 US$
5 days Yak trek in the Kha... 890 US$

Classic tours (Ger camp)
4 days Ger Camp in Gobi St... 399 US$
4 days Ger Camp in the Kha... 399 US$
5 days Ger Camp in Gobi St... 499 US$
5 days Ger Camp in the Kha... 499 US$

Naadam Games

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...widest variety of package tours, culture, classics, aventures, dream cruises in Mongolia... Have a look to our best deals.. explore Mongolia !

Explore the highlights of Mongolia...

3 days Husthai National Park
4 days explore Kharakhorum
4 days Lake Hövsgöl

Taste of adventure on the Mongolia trails....

5 days Yak trek in the Khan Khentii
15 days Trek in Altai Mountains
5 days Camel Trek in The Near Gobi

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